Humic Acid

Humic Acid we offer is made to boost the water infiltration as well as water-holding capacity of the soil. This product can significantly improve the soil, boost plant root growth and metabolism. Also, it can boost seed germination, and aid plants to deal with various environmental stresses. It is present in good soils with lots of organic matter and suffices as a natural plant-growth stimulator that raises plant metabolism as well as nutrient intake and amends plant development. Humic Acid works as a natural supplement and is noted as one of the major components of organic matter. This acid also precludes calcium as well as other positively charged micro cations. It enables mycorrhizal fungi to flourish as well as effortlessly colonize plant roots by rendering nutrients in a simple-to-open storage bin.

Key Points:

  • Known as the excellent natural as well as organic ways to render plants as well as soil with a concentrated amount of essential nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. Aid to enhance the plant growth, biomass production and fertility of the soil.
  • Increase the water infiltration as well as water-holding capacity of the soil. Capable to significantly improve the soil, plant root growth and metabolism.
  • Enhance the seed germination as well as help plants to deal with environmental stresses. Come with good soiling properties as well as great quantity of organic matter.
  • With the utilization of these products, the nutrient supply of plants is enhanced and increased up to 70% in yield and eliminates the usages of fertilizers as well as pesticides.
  • Render best economic results in the light and sandy soils that are poor in humus. The most significant feature of these acids lies in their ability to bind insoluble metal ions, hydroxides and oxides.

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