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Let’s have a look on the wide range of Acid which is used to treat or prevent a lack of these nutrients which may occur in certain health conditions. This acid is manufactured and supplied by our skilled workers, by using high quality raw materials. This acid is needed to form healthy cells, especially red blood cells. Currently, Acid is available in few varieties such as Folic Acid, and Fulvic Acid. This is clinically tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and good performance. This is very cost effective and can be easily purchased by our esteem clients at reasonable rates, in bulk quantities.
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Folic Acid

Price: 1 INR/Piece

The Folic Acid is a water soluble vitamin, best known to be highly beneficial for the growth of plants. Yellow- orange in colors, these acids are considered as the highly effective agents for plant hormones and vitamin that are essential for their healthy growth. It is basically an essential vitamin needed for cell growth and division, DNA replication and protein synthesis.

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Fulvic Acid

Price: 1 INR/Piece

Fulvic acids are a family of organic acids, natural compounds, and components of the humus (which is a fraction of soil organic matter) They are similar to humic acids, with differences being the carbon and oxygen contents, acidity, degree of polymerization, molecular weight, and color. Fulvic acid remain in solution after removal of humic acid from humin by acidification.


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