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Seaweed Extract Flake

Popularly known as alga, Seaweed Extract Flake is used as foliar fertilizer. Easily dispersible in water, this black flake is extracted from different species of seaweeds like laminaria, and Sargasso. The presence of huge amount of nutrients and plant hormones in this flake has made it ideal to be used as organic fertilizer. The application of this flake promotes fruit setting, flowering, enlargement of fruit and vegetable size and fast development of roots and shoots of plants. The utilization of Seaweed Extract Flake can be noticed in agricultural lands and orchards. Foliar spray based application of this flake provides essential macro minerals like potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen to plants for their effective growth. Moreover, this organic flake is instrumental in improving chelating properties of fertilizer.

  • Foliar application of this organic fertilizer improves metabolic function and quickens cell division rate in plants.
  • It is also useful for preventing growth of pests.
  • Enhances air circulation of soil
  • Useful for promoting fast blooming of buds
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Seaweed Extract Flake

Price: 1 INR/Piece

Seaweed Extract Flake is the highly beneficial fertilizers for crops, available in market. An organic product, these seaweed flakes are known to be come from a sustainable source. Completely environment friendly in nature, these seaweed flakes contain various elements including magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, and nitrogen that are essential for growth and development of plants.

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Seaweed Extract Solution

Price: 1 INR/Unit

One of the best fertilizers to use on your plants is Seaweed Extraction Solution. It is not only organic, but also, comes from a sustainable source. Harvested without damaging the environment, this seaweed solution contains various elements including magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, and nitrogen that are beneficial to plants. This seaweed solution is highly preferred for its purity and long shelf life.


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