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Nitrobenzene Powder

Nitrobenzene Powder

Product Details:

  • Classification Absorbent
  • Application Agriculture Plant Growth
  • Physical State Liquid
  • Release Type Controlled
  • Product Type Liquid
  • Storage Cool & Dry Place
  • Dosage 30-35 ML Per 15LTR Water
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Nitrobenzene Powder Price And Quantity

  • 10 Bottle

Nitrobenzene Powder Product Specifications

  • Agriculture Plant Growth
  • Liquid
  • Controlled
  • Cool & Dry Place
  • 30-35 ML Per 15LTR Water
  • Absorbent
  • Liquid

Nitrobenzene Powder Trade Information

  • 1000 Bottle Per Day
  • 3 Days

Product Description

With the immense support of our team of diligent professionals, we are providing Nitrobenzene that is an inorganic compound. This chemical is used as a solvent, specially for electrophilic reagents in various industries for dyes (particularly azo dyes), pesticides, explosives, and pharmaceuticals products. The offered chemical is precisely formulated by nitration of benzene with a mixture of concentrated water, sulfuric acid and nitric acid with the help of latest techniques under the supervision of our experts. This Nitrobenzene is available for our esteemed clients as per their demands in various packaging options and can be availed at affordable rates.

Nitrobenzene Properties:

1. Chemical Structure: Nitrobenzene consists of a benzene ring (C6H6) with a nitro group (-NO2) attached to it.

2. Physical State: Nitrobenzene is a pale yellow oily liquid at room temperature. It has a characteristic odor resembling that of bitter almonds.

3. Density: The density of nitrobenzene is approximately 1.20 g/cm3.

4. Melting Point: Nitrobenzene has a melting point of 5.7 degree centigrade.

5. Boiling Point: The boiling point of nitrobenzene is around 210 degree centigrade.

6. Solubility: Nitrobenzene is sparingly soluble in water, but it is soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, ether, and acetone.

7. Reactivity: Nitrobenzene is relatively stable under normal conditions, but it is reactive towards reducing agents. It can undergo various chemical reactions such as nitration, reduction, and halogenation.

8. Toxicity: Nitrobenzene is toxic and can be absorbed through the skin, inhalation, or ingestion. It affects the central nervous system and can cause symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, and cyanosis. Prolonged exposure can lead to more severe health effects.

Nitrobenzene Powder Applications:

1. Explosives: Nitrobenzene can be used as an ingredient in the production of explosives such as TNT (trinitrotoluene). Powdered nitrobenzene may be utilized in the manufacture of TNT or other explosive compounds.

2. Pyrotechnics: Nitrobenzene powder can be employed in pyrotechnic compositions to produce various colors and effects in fireworks and other pyrotechnic devices.

3. Chemical Synthesis: Powdered nitrobenzene may serve as a precursor in organic synthesis reactions to produce various chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and dyes.

4. Pesticides: Nitrobenzene is utilized as a fumigant in some pesticides. Powdered nitrobenzene could potentially be incorporated into pesticide formulations or used in the development of new pesticide products.

5. Research and Development: In laboratory settings, nitrobenzene powder may be used as a reagent or starting material for experimental purposes, particularly in organic chemistry research and development.

Nitrobenzene Powder FAQ:

Q. What is nitrobenzene powder?

Ans: Nitrobenzene powder is a solid form of the chemical compound nitrobenzene. Nitrobenzene is typically a liquid at room temperature but can be processed into a powdered form for specific applications.

Q. How is nitrobenzene powder produced?

Ans: Nitrobenzene powder can be produced by various methods, including spray drying, freeze drying, or milling of solid nitrobenzene. These processes involve converting liquid nitrobenzene into a powdered form through controlled drying or milling techniques.

Q. What are the uses of nitrobenzene powder?

Ans: Nitrobenzene powder may be used in applications such as explosives, pyrotechnics, chemical synthesis, pesticides, and research and development.

Q. Is nitrobenzene powder hazardous?

Ans: Yes, nitrobenzene is toxic and potentially hazardous. Exposure to nitrobenzene powder can occur through inhalation, skin contact, or ingestion. It is essential to handle nitrobenzene powder with proper safety precautions, including using personal protective equipment and following appropriate handling procedures.

Q. What safety measures should be taken when handling nitrobenzene powder?

Ans: Safety measures when handling nitrobenzene powder include wearing protective clothing, gloves, and respiratory protection. Work should be conducted in a well-ventilated area, and exposure should be minimized. In case of contact with skin, eyes, or clothing, wash thoroughly with water. In case of inhalation or ingestion, seek medical attention immediately.

Q. How should nitrobenzene powder be stored?

Ans: Nitrobenzene powder should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from sources of heat, ignition, and incompatible materials. It should be kept in tightly sealed containers labeled with appropriate hazard warnings and stored separately from food, feed, and other materials intended for consumption.

Q. Can nitrobenzene powder be disposed of safely?

Ans: Disposal of nitrobenzene powder should be carried out in accordance with local regulations and guidelines for hazardous waste disposal. It should not be released into the environment or disposed of in regular trash. Contact local authorities or waste management facilities for guidance on proper disposal methods.
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