Extensively deployed in agricultural sector, our agro chemicals are concluded to pesticides comprising nematicides, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. They may alternatively comprise hormones, synthetic fertilizers and different chemical development substances. In addition, our chemicals may include diluted raw animal manure stores. Provided chemicals may be toxic for human consumption, therefore, use them as suggested.
Flowering Stimulant
Provided Flowering Stimulant is agent that enhances the complete health development of plants. The agent may either be composed from natural or synthetic derivatives. Offered stimulant is beneficial in enhancing the crops' productivity and quality significantly. It offers hormones as well as micro-nutrients that promote plant fruiting and flowering with reduced disease impedance.
Plant Growth Regulator
Sometimes plants and crops need some chemicals and agents for their optimal growth. Therefore, our Plant Growth Regulator is deployed for application on direct soil. The regulators are available in wettable and liquid powder formulation. In addition, the chemicals can be employed for foliar spray and seed treatment. Further, refresh the manure periodically for better yield.
Bio Fertilizer
Bio Fertilizers are substance that include living micro-organisms that when deployed to soil, plant surfaces as well as seeds, colonize the interior or rhizosphere of plant. In addition, the fertilizers stimulate development in crops and plants through enhancing availability or supply of main nutrients to packed plant.
Bio Pesticides
Our Bio Pesticides are specific sorts of pesticides that are obtained from such organic materials as bacterial, plants, animals and specific minerals. They are organically occurring agents that regulate pests through non-toxic mechanisms. Alternatively, our pesticides are naturally least harmful than ordinary pesticides. Generally, these simply target closely related organisms and pest.
Bio Fungicides
Bio Fungicides are composition of living organism, which are employed to direct the action of plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi. The concept of these is grounded on natural procedures where useful micro-organisms are normally separated from soil as well as block the plant pathogens action. Integrated micro-organisms deliver broad anti-biotic substances.
Organic Pesticides
Customer's garden will not flourish as well as grown on its own, hence, it demands detailed attention and extensive care. Yet, apart from all garden handling they need to do, numerous worms and pests are present in there to deal with. Our Organic Pesticides will help customers forget about chemicals.
Spreader Activator
Spreader Activator is employed to offer maximum wetting along with spreading of development regulating hormones, herbicides, fungicides, miticides and insecticides. It additionally may be utilized for non-cropland, structural, industrial, ornamental, turf, forestry and agricultural sites. This is composed from material that does not incline to leave toxic residuals or burn foliage.
Organic Fertilizers
Now days, everyone's back garden has become source of their part time earning through deploying our Organic Fertilizers. The fertilizers highly promote Eco friendly as well as going green concepts among customers. Deploying our fertilizers can take some usages prior to customers see outcomes yet these will be value for effort in prolong duration.
Humic acid salt is regarded as potassium humate, which is formulated commercially through alkaline extrication of brown coal (lignite) to be employed primarily like a soil conditioner. The extrication is done in water with inclusion of potassium hydroxide, hydrotropic surfactants and sequestering agents. Eventually, our humate is known as beneficial organic fertilizer.
A strong fertilizer, Seaweed Extract Flake, is extricated through fresh and natural ascophyllum nodosum that is inherent as well as non-toxic. It possesses suitability in every sort of crop. Brown and coal black is the shade of our flake that is solvent in aqueous solution and additionally functions in enhancing nutrient assimilation.
Virus Controller
Our Virus Controller is a completely natural product that offers protection to plants and crops from viral and bacterial diseases. It successfully treats viral ailments such as mosaic virus, leaf curl and more on plants. This controller should be combined with water and sprayed consistently on affected crops and plants.
Nitrophenolate is used as an effective plant growth regulator. This precisely composed substance enhances immunity power, promotes cell division and accelerates flowering in plants. It contains negligible amount of insoluble element and moisture. Its application is beneficial for improving quality and quantity of produced crops.
Insecticides Formulation
Various pesticides are now accessible in numerous formulations that is simply the kind of particular product, which customers may deploy. Our several Insecticides Formulation comprises pre-mixed concentrations, concentrates, wettable powders, aerosols, liquids, granules, gels and dusts. The primary function of formulation is to improve the active ingredient's effectiveness.
Bio Larvicide
Get Larvicide Insecticide, Red King Larvae Killer and RDX Super Larvicide from Redox Industries Limited. These pesticides can work to control the larvae of different mosquitoes species. It can be applied by combining with water.
Zyme Liquid
Zyme Liquid is a natural enhancer that includes seaweed extricate. Reasonable for every crop, our liquid improves the photo-synthesis rate as well as stimulates quicker development of plants. This extends the flowering duration and enhances fruit quality along with its size. Alternatively, the liquid increases the impedance of plants against diseases and drought.
Plant Growth Promoter
Market is flooded with many plant growth promoters, but  Reshot, Rowdy and other growth promoters from Redox Industries Limited are exceptional. When applied, it promotes the nutrition absorption capacity of plants as well as chloroplast formation in them.
Indole acetic Acids are the common inherently occurring auxin class plant hormones. They are result of indole, including a substituent known carboxymethyl. These are dissoluble in polar natural solvents as well as are translucent solids. In addition, they aid in cell division and cell expansion for complete plant growth.
Soil Conditioners
Soil Conditioners are organic as well as synthetic product that is included to soil as to provide physical qualities to soil for better agricultural productivity. In brief, offered product helps in improving the agricultural field's fertility to offer nutrition to plants and several times mechanics. Our conditioner is material for water holding, gypsum and fertilizer for nutrients of plants.
Humic Acid
Humic Acid is the prime element of humic substances that is the primary natural constituents of coal, peat and, humus or soil. Majorly, it is alternatively inherent constituent of different ocean water, dystrophic lakes and upland streams. Dead organic matter bio-degradation is the method employed in production of our acid.
Manganese EDTA is used as an effective chelating factor for root development of plants. Its application improves ph level of soil and treats plant diseases caused by deficiency of manganese. Available in powder form, it is easily dispersible in water.
Zyme Granules come in insect development regulator as insect control granules to be employed in gardens, crop field, soil and more. They as seaweed grounded bio-natural products that offer wider spectrum usages for improved nutrients uptake and root system for increasing production yield effectively. In addition, they provide more trillering and better soil texture.
Seaweed Extract Solution
Seaweed Extract Solution is used to set flowers and fruits, to enlarge fruits and vegetables and to improve quality of crops. This water soluble solution maintains precise balance of soil nutrients and protects crops and plants against virus, insects and various other damaging microbes.
 Agricultural Fertilizers
Agricultural Fertilizers from Redox Industries Limited supply nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous to plants. They are essential for improving soil fertility, raising crop yield and optimizing nitrogen recycling process.
Plant Growth Stimulant is composed of substances like humic acid, nitro benzene and amino acid to name a few. This product is used to quicken development of roots in order to enhance nutrients absorption rate of plants. It is offered in granular and liquid forms.
Redox Industries Limited is a reliable name when it comes to buying Emulsifier. This is generally used in commercial crops. It is added to water and sprayed onto the plants and crops. This viscous emulsifier promotes flowering in plants.
Viricide Agro Chemicals
Redox Industries Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company serves the agriculture industry with the organic pesticides, fertilizers and more. Recolate Viricide and Revive Fungicides can prevent viral infections in fruits and vegetable crops.
Our range of precisely composed Plant Protection Chemicals serves as cost effective option to safeguard plants and crops against various pests, insects and microbes that have damaging effect. Easy to apply, these are free from harmful toxin content. These are offered at competitive price range.
Potassium Humate Granules are required for effective growth of plants. Besides enhancing fertility level of soil, these granular substances are useful for raising immunity function in plants. These also act as reliable sources of minerals and vitamins for quick growth of plants.
Generally, Micro Nutrients are zinc, molybdenum, manganese, iron, cooper, chlorine and boron. They are plant food components that are deployed in small quantities, yet, these are simply as vital to profitable crop production and plant development as the most nutrients. Particularly, these function behind the scenario like activators of numerous plant functions.
Whether consider about natural pesticide or synthetic pesticide, both are applied as per application criteria. Hence, avail our agriculture grade Agricultural Pesticides that expel the pesticides from your crops and plants along with hindering their development at initial phase. As implication, you can possess pesticide side agricultural production.
Micronutrient Fertilizers are effective in dealing with mineral deficiency related diseases. Enriched with iron, copper, boron, molybdenum, manganese and zinc, these fertilizers are useful in nitrogen absorption capacity of plants. These improve metabolic function and promote cell division rate in plants.
Low in salt, Chelated Zinc can be applied directly on soil or as part of hydroponics based agricultural activity for plant growth purpose. Its liquid form is applied via spraying. Its easy to absorb nutrients improves crop quality and quantity as well.
In horticultural arena, Chelated Zinc is used to improve chlorophyll level of plants and to enhance cell division process. This sequestering factor enhances soil fertility level by providing necessary micronutrients to plants. Easy to apply, this product can be stored for longer duration.
Organic Soil Conditioners
Organic Soil Conditioners are used to enhance physical and mechanical properties of soil. These are instrumental in promoting growth of healthy microbes present in soil, in increasing air penetration level and in raising water absorption rate of soil. Non toxic content is one of their main features.
Bio Organic Manure includes animal matters like flesh, bones, blood and animal excreta. It acts as natural source of nutrients for plants.

Redox Industries Limited is a reliable supplier of Chelated Calcium to agriculture industry. When you will start using this product, you will experience that yellow leaves will turn green, and the growth of plant will be enhanced.
Use a bottle of plant nutrient from Redox Industries Limited to see a little difference yourself. This plant growth promoter supplier essential nutrients needed by the plant to grow. We can supply any bottles you need based on the land area.
Buy chelated micronutrients from Redox Industries Limited. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified company  in Ahmedabad supplies this product to farmers for use on fruit and vegetable crops. It can work effectively to increase plant growth and make leaves greener.
Redox Industries Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that can supply supreme quality food preservatives. This can be used to prevent the growth of yeast, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Freshness in food products can be maintained by using preservatives.
Natural Insecticides
The Natural Insecticide from Redox Industries Limited can be used on different crops. As the name implies, this insecticide is formed using natural ingredients and can control the damage caused by insects by eradicating them.
Gibberellic Acid in the offering of our ISO 9001:2008 certified company can be used as fertilizer to enhance the soil quality. This accurately composed product is available powder form and can be added into the soil.
Preservative for Humic
Preservative for Humic has been utilized either as the soil amendment or as a fertilizer. It is the preservative to amend the shelf-life of the concentrated alkali metal humic acid salt. It is water soluble and comes with optimal preserving properties.

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